Puttu Kutti On Ellen!


 Kicha the chef  from Kochi, was on the Ellen Degeneres Show recently

It isn’t every day that one gets to see a six-year-old leave Ellen Degeneres speechless – that too if the six-year-old in question is from God’s Own Country! Budding chef Nihal Raj, aka Kicha from Kochi, was on the Ellen Degeneres Show recently and left the otherwise talkative anchor speechless for a moment when he rattled off his recipe for banana puttu, Kerala’s traditional and much loved breakfast dish. While the young lad, immersed in showing off his cooking skills, continued mixing and making, Ellen tried hard to perfect her pronunciation of Puttu Kutti, little Kicha’s term for the steaming pot used to cook the rice cake. Kicha has already become a household name in his hometown with his YouTube channel, Kichatube HD that features videos of him cooking simple child friendly recipes. The son of Rajagopal Krishnan and Ruby Rajagopal, he is a Grade 1 student studying in The Choice School, Kochi. He’s also the youngest Indian to be invited to the Ellen Degeneres show!




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