Put Chutney makes Jallikattu be heard


Culture Machine’s digital channel catering to the south ‘Put Chutney’ released a new video addressing the issue around the infamous Jallikattu event in Tamil Nadu. The video titled ‘Jallikattum Kelikoothum’ takes a stand in favour of Jallikattu.

Put Chutney’s video is set in the backdrop of a local drama troupe performing for village audience, through the lens of a scene from the Mahabaratha involving Lord Krishna and Karna when it takes a turn with them discussing the Jallikattu ban. Local Tamil Theatre has always been a medium of not just enactment of the scriptures and the like, it also intended to raise awareness among the populace about the various issues affecting them. This video takes this route in stating facts about the Jallikattu juxtaposed with the financial reality faced by Karna. This counter argument is the other side of the story that is hardly discussed and imposes the urgency of bringing back the sport, the ban of which might lead to the wiping out of an entire native breed of bulls.

Put Chutney released a statement, “Our aim has always been to draw attention to matters that affect the people and the Jallikattu issue is worth raising a stir. Hopefully our efforts will reach the right people and bring about a much-needed change.”



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