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Know all that you want to know about hair and hair problems. Bani Manchanda, Managing Director, Hairline International talks about causes and solutions for hair problems. Excerpts from an interview:


What are the trends that you are noticing when it comes to hair treatments?

The demand and need for hair treatments is growing. The various surgical programmes to address these problems are definitely growing. Nowadays lot of men are open to getting hair treatments done. In fact almost 70% of the people coming in for treatments are male, as more and more men are becoming conscious of the way they look.

Does that mean men are more susceptible to hair problems?

Men have opened up in general to these issues and are forthcoming to know and experience the treatments and solutions that are available. We will see the market for women also growing in the time to come.

What are the key causes of hair problems in India?

Basically, the largest problem is alopecia. Genetically a person could be susceptible to hair loss, as he or she is a gene carrier and it shows up. You can work with the triggers, by managing the problem to a certain extent. The earlier you come for treatment, the better are the chances of retaining hair. It is better to address the problem a lot earlier. People look at hair as an aesthetic part of their body. We do a bloody study and we have observed that 70% had an elevated issue with their lipids. We had done a study between hair loss and metabolic disorders to understand their correlation. We understood that there are internal medical issues that also need to be managed. If you manage them right, it will help. Autoimmune diseases, lack of sleep, and stress also cause hair loss. 50% of our patients are under the age of 30, and many have metabolic issues like diabetes, and high lipids. Nutritional deficiencies are also a crucial factor affecting quality of hair. People need to understand that hair is an early symptom that something is not right with your body. A good diet, consuming nutritious food, doing Yoga, going for a walk, indulging in meditation can all help to an extent.

What is the best food for hair?

Proteins are no doubt very good. A protein rich diet is good. People need to keep a balanced diet with carbs, fats, fibre, vitamins and lots of water. Today there is a lot of junk food, alcohol and smoking that affects the hair as well.




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