Project to beautify the Taj delayed


One of the wonders of the world, the beautiful Taj Mahal needs upkeep and maintenance to maintain it’s beauty and majesty. A proposal by the Uttar Pradesh government to construct a barrage across the Yamuna which is just one and a half kilometres from the Taj Mahal is pending  before the Ministry of Environment.

It is actually stuck between two expert committees who feel that it is the duty of the other to take a call on the issue. The project envisages construction of a barrage in order to secure the foundation of the Taj Mahal and also improve the water level at Agra besides beautifying and navigating the Yamuna 1.5 kms  downstream of the Taj. This project besides recharging ground water would also help to facilitate navigation through river routes. It would help to develop a green belt around the Taj Mahal and also improve the surrounding environment.



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