Prithviraj’s Six-Year-Old Daughter Pens Poem On Covid-19 Vaccine


Prithviraj shared a beautiful poem penned by his six-year-old daughter Alankrita on the Covid-19 vaccine. In the note, she warns Covid-19 that the vaccine is coming soon, and it’s time for the virus to go back to its place. She also tells that kids in the country should get vaccinated first as they are important.

Prithviraj shared the poem and wrote, “So I had told Ally about the vaccine coming sometime end of this year( based on the latest news) and she’s been asking me questions about it everyday like how will they give it, who will get it first, etc? Just now after she finished her lessons she called me to show me a poem she’s written about the vaccine! While the spellings may be wrong the emotion is spot on!”



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