Prince Philip treated for an infection


The Duke of Edinburgh has been in hospital for the past week and is being treated at the King Edward VII private hospital in central London for an infection. He is reported to be comfortable and responding to treatment but will be kept in the hospital for some more time.
It was made clear that his illness had nothing to do with coronavirus. Both the Prince and the Queen have taken their first dose of the vaccine.

Prince William, offered a short update on his health during a visit to a vaccination centre in Norfolk and said that he was okay. He is said to be a lot better and is looking forward to getting out.
Prince Charles, the eldest son of Prince Philip visited him in the hospital over the weekend and spent about 30 minutes with him. The reason for his visit is not known but speculations are that he may have wanted to talk to his father and reassure him about Prince Harry.
Prince Philip is known to have a “no fuss” attitude and he does not want any fuss made of his 100th birthday.
Many people have been sending brilliant and lovely messages for the speedy recovery of the Prince.



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