President Draupadi Murmu wore a Santhali saree for the swearing-in ceremony


Draupadi Murmu was sworn in as the 15th President of India on July 25. She was dressed in special attire for the ceremony. She wore a traditional Santhali saree that was woven with colourful threads. The white saree had a red stripe on the upper border and a broad green stripe on the lower border and a design of triangular spikes on the lower side.

The saree looked simple yet elegant and is generally handmade. Santhali sarees are famous in Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal and Assam. These sarees had three bow designs in earlier times to symbolize women’s desire for freedom. Nowadays, these sarees have a touch of modern designs. Along with stripes on the borders it comes with flowers, peacocks, ducks and other colourful motifs.
President Murmu stated that she was honoured to take charge at a time when the country is celebrating 75 years of independence and that she is the first President to be born after independence.



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