Premium Leather Sneakers From Language Shoes


Language Shoes brings you a collection of premium leather Sneakers in exciting designs. Sneakers from Language Shoes are comfortable right out of the box and grow better as you wear them in, a must-have for any season, these comfortable and elegant sneakers will add a spring to your step.

Sneakers from Language Shoes are handcrafted from genuine leather with a genuine crust leather upper and for a smooth finish, all the sneakers have a leather lining. Sneakers from Language Shoes have grooving incorporated to give you a strong grip and are extremely lightweight, featuring a cushioned footbed and an EVA outsole, ensuring ease of movement wherever you land.

If you are all about style or simply looking for something comfortable, the classic sneakers from Language Shoes are the perfect premium leather match for you. Sneakers from Language Shoes have you covered for every occasion. The sneakers from Language Shoes are practical yet stylish and these premium leather kicks ensure ease of movement with every step you take.

These premium leather Sneakers from Language Shoes are all handmade, available in colour options like navy, grey, tan and black. Explore the collection of Sneakers from Language Shoes at its exclusive brand outlets in Chennai and Hyderabad and in more than 200 multi-brand outlets across the country, at Viz., Metro Shoes, Mochi, Inc.5, Centro, Atesber, Regal Shoes. You can shop the collection online at and



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