All The Way From Nippon


With the rise of Bangalore as a cosmopolitan city, came the demand for lesser-known cuisines and food from around the world. Restaurants in Bangalore are coming up with new concepts and experimenting constantly. This is why Pot O Noodles have introduced food inspired by the streets of Osaka.

After months of research both in Japan and in Bangalore, Founder/Head Chef Subhakar Dhar decided to reinvent the brand as an everyday Japanese Food Restaurant. Food prepared and enjoyed in the comfort of one’s home is often the most satisfying, and that is what Pot O Noodles serves today. Comfort Japanese Food.

The menu showcases a wide range of Sauce Bowls, Curry bowls, Ramen which as the Japanese will say are only available in 1 item special mom n pop joints. From the Panko fried Katju, Katsu Sandos, Meat on Toast, Gyoza to the steaming Donburi bowls, they promise a journey into the little known culinary traditions of Japan. So the next time you are in the Garden City, make sure you visit this quirky, colorful little place!

Location: Pot’O’Noodles, Indiranagar, Bengaluru.



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