PortsideCafé Furniture Studio’s Barnyard Collection


PortsideCafé brings out the essential character of leather by enhancing, rather than hiding its natural imperfections such as marks and blemishes. These are treated with different coloring techniques (involving vegetable tanning) to show case the true beauty of leather and ensure its graceful aging over time. PortsideCafé continually pushes the traditional boundaries of leather design using bold treatments, vibrant colors, novel combinations of material and out-of-the-box design motifs, all the while maintaining its classic integrity.

Inspiration behind the collection:

A barn, a barsaati, a garage or an outhouse converted into a home is the inspiration behind this new collection. It has a vintage and a slightly rustic look about it. In this collection they have used various materials like Plys and fabrics together with leather. The idea is to celebrate casual chic! Easy on the eye and sunny in outlook.

The collection is available at The Colonnade, Leela Palace, Bangalore



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