Poem on COVID-19
By Juliana Sridhar

Cordoning Corona
It all began in Wuhan in December
It is something that nobody will want to remember.
Some say it is the wrath of God
It has left the whole world awed.
The virus has put the universe in panic mode
Most people are at home bored.
The WHO has declared the virus to be a pandemic
It appears that in every century there is an epidemic.
Painting by Anuncia William
Everyone is advised to stay indoors
Poor women are burdened with extra chores.
People everywhere are spending time online
Trying to kill time  and stay fine.
Sanitizers and masks are selling like a hot cake
The medical fraternity is leaving nothing at stake.
We hope and pray that a cure is found
Till such time people have to be homebound.
Every religion is turning to prayer
To rid the world of this nightmare.
The Bible says this too shall pass
So do all the other forecasts.
– Juliana Sridhar


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