PM Modi thanks Biden for help


Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a telephone conversation with US President Joe Biden a day after the US agreed to send raw materials for the Covid-19 vaccine to India amidst the second wave of the virus.
PM Modi described his conversation as fruitful and stated that he thanked President Biden for the support provided by the US in his Twitter account. He further stated that India-US healthcare partnership can address the global challenge of Covid-19.

The two leaders also agreed to remain in regular touch.
US President Joe Biden also tweeted about his interaction with PM Modi. US Vice- President Kamala Harris tweeted that the two governments are working closely to mitigate the COVID crisis in India and she extended her appreciation to the courageous healthcare workers.
The White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan is said to have had a telephone conversation with his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval. India and US are the two countries that have the most COVID cases in the world and both the countries have agreed to stay in close contact to discuss further developments.



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