PM Modi gifts paintings and artwork from India to world leaders


Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is attending the G20 summit in Bali has gifted paintings and artwork to world leaders. He gifted Kangra miniature paintings that portray ‘Srinagar Rasa’ to Joe Biden, the US President. These paintings are done by master painters from Himachal Pradesh using natural colours.

To the UK, he gifted handmade textile of Gujarat called Mata Ni Pachedi. It is meant to be an offering in the temple shrines that house the Mother Goddess. Mata means Mother Goddess, Ni means belonging to and Pachedi means backdrop.
He gifted Agate bowls to France, Germany and Singapore. Agate craft is famous in Gujarat, the home state of PM Modi. The semi-precious stone formed of chalcedonic-silica is found in underground mines and is extracted to make ornamental objects. To Italy, the PM gifted Patan Patola Dupatta, a scarf and to Australia, Pithora paintings from Gujarat. He presented a Kanal brass set to Spain and a silver bowl from Gujarat and a shawl from Himachal Pradesh to Indonesia, the host country.



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