Play Father Son & The Holy Ghost @Lamakaan




Octopus studios presents ‘Father, Son and Holy Ghost’’.
The play is about how we get caught up in million little things, which become our collective life. It is a story which brings generations of moments all rolled neatly and absurdly into now. Now, this is loaded with the history of combination of the ordinary and extraordinary. It is interesting to observe all those ordinary moments, which are pregnant with emotions, collide and explode to become the narrative for the future generations to follow. This slowly becomes a vicious cycle of life.

This English drama play is about a family which has gone through many situations in life. The father, who is disappointed with life, a son who is disappointed with his father, and a mother, who always dreamed of perfect home. The idea of perfection and happiness, which leads to desperation, a strong desire to be something, which slow fades into a life, which is a prisoner of hope and fear.


Director: Aditya Kavangal

Writer: Aditya Kavangal

Artists: Rahul R, Vinay Nallakadi, Sneha Varahala


Where: Lamakaan, Banjara Hills, Opposite GVK One Mall, Off Road No. 1, Hyderabad

When: Sat 09 Apr, 08:00 PM & Thu 21 Apr, 08:00 PM



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