Play ‘Biryani Aur Haleem’ at Lamakaan, Hyderabad


The world we live in is a very strange place. Some eat to live and some live to eat. In one way or another our lives revolve around food: some cook; some eat; some store it ; some hoard it; some starve for it; some steal it… Our very survival depends on food.

That is what the two main characters of this play are trying to do; survive another day in their lives. Salim and Javed are two beggars; like any other; they meet on a street like any other; on a day like any other. But what results is hilarity like never before.
The two share their stories; their ‘areas’; and their modus operandi. As they go from street to street and house to house pleading to people’s sense of charity, they chance upon the home of Ismail Bhai and his wife Pasha Bi. Ismail Bhai is a well known cook who has been invited by a Nawaab to display his culinary skills. Eager to impress the nawaab, he prepares a special Biryani and instructs his wife to hand it over to the delivery boy he sends.
The plan is overheard by the two hungry friends, who decide to change the route of the Biryani to their hungry stomachs instead of the Nawaab’s.

What happens to Salim, Javed and the biryani?

Director: Deepti Girotra

Artists: Deepti Girotra, Rahim Amir Ali Lalani, Satya Reddy, Ahmed Quraishi

Where: Lamakaan, Banjara Hills, Opposite GVK One Mall, Off Road No. 1, Hyderabad

Date & Time: Sun 22 May, 08:00 PM



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