Pizza makes employees more productive


Working for long effortless hours definitely a struggle, yummy food is the only motivation to make employees work harder under pressure situations. Pizza is the only food item that is delicious at the same time is not healthy.  Eating pizza at work actually boosts productivity at the same time a key to retaining employees.

Recent research was conducted In America where workers from a factory were sent promotional messages at the beginning of the week offering incentives for better work. There were three options, the offer of a good pizza, bonus claim, a compliment from the boss. When it came to claiming the gifts, a big group of people chose the offer of getting a free pizza, followed by people who chose a compliment for their work and the option of getting some money was chosen by only a few people.

The study highlighted the fact that money is no longer the biggest motivator in the workplace. Food, which is the biggest need, overtook money in inspiring people. It also emphasized the point that giving intrinsic motivations or image boosting tools such as compliments can actually help people work harder and more efficiently.



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