Pink Jewels are Here


Arnav presents a stunning range of stone based jewels to capture your heart. Encompassing the various shades of pink and weaving a tale of romance and caring, the jewellery seamlessly merges Indian and Western detailing and beautifully compliments every carefully chosen stone.


Characterized by uniquely textured, handcrafted floral motifs of wreathes and leaves, each piece showcases spectacular semi-precious stones like calcedony, pink opals, rhodochrosolite, fossils, carved coral, rose quartz and aquamarine, set in silver or gold. Come revel in the softness and charm of wearable art, created by very gifted designers and craftsmen.

Arnav is the one stop shop for the empowered woman of today who knows what she wants and is not afraid to display her individual style. Any design from Arnav is designed to be an heirloom piece, eternal and timeless in its beauty. On offer are a mix of occasion- led and everyday wear jewellery.



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