Why Pink Ball?


Cricket fans have been throwing around the pink ball on the Internet ever since India outperformed Bangladesh in the first Test match. While the victory was incredible and soon the enthusiasm shifted on to the Eden Gardens Test. The pink ball was used in the historic Day/Night Test match at the famous Eden Gardens venue against Bangladesh and this marks the first D/N Test for India.

While the curiosity around the Day/Night Test is real and social media has been flooded with ‘pink ball’ trivia and comparisons ever since the news broke out. The actual reason for the whole pink ball issue was simply because of its better visibility in the artificial lights of the stadium once the natural light fades away. Under yellow floodlights or in the artificially lit stadium, the maroon/red ball used in the Day Tests takes the brownish color – making it difficult for both the teams, especially for the batsman, to spot the ball against the pitch. Army paratroopers will fly into the Eden Gardens to hand over a pink ball each to the two captains just before the toss.



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