Phoenix Marketcity Presents Future Is Here


Phoenix Market City unveils a series of a unique and thought-provoking exhibition that connects art and technology in the millennial age, giving patrons an experience like never before. The art exhibition ‘Future is Here,’ curated by Dr. Arshiya Lokhandwala, is aimed at informing the audience about the impact of technology along with the perils and entrapment it presents.

The Future is Here: Art and Technology in a Millennial Age is the first exhibition of its kind to examine the millennial experience of nine Indian millennial artists who have witnessed technology since their childhood with cable TV, computers, the Internet and cell phones. These artists have technology wired into their DNA as they were being raised with the proliferation of smartphones, voice-recognition AI systems like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, Bit-coin, Nintendo, Tinder, Net-flicks, and Amazon any task being only a click away. The installations are designed for the youth who were raised using technology and who feel the need to stay connected to the internet 24*7.

The exhibition, The Future is Here seeks to present an encounter with digital technology, as the future is already visible and we need to heed it with serious consideration. The show will be an initiative to safeguard ourselves against the possible perils of technology. It is aimed at educating people to use it as a productive tool to enrich our personal lives, workplace and protect the world from the inevitable future.



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