Phoenix MarketCity and Palladium hosted the biggest gaming event, ‘Phoenix Gaming Expo(PGX)’!


The much-anticipated September Fest by Phoenix MarketCity and Palladium, Chennai, put-together the country’s biggest gaming event, Phoenix Gaming Expo, in association with Arknemesis from the 28th to the 30th of September 2018 (Friday to Sunday). The three-day festival united gamers from all around the country on a new battleground.

Spaces in and around the mall were transformed into a battleground for customers and walkers-by to experience gaming at its best. The expo was backed by some of the leading names in video games, technology and electronics including Sony, Asus, Tencent and Monster. VR experience attracted all the kids towards the atrium for a different level of gaming experience. There were also board games set up for family members and friends of gamers who attended the event.

Ardent fans came forward to participate in games like FIFA on PS4, DOTA 2 on PC and PUBG on mobile to win the largest prize pools in India of INR 10 Lakhs. Around 1000 people registered to participate in the various tournaments.

The courtyard was filled with youngsters who were glued to their phones to win the PUBG tournament. There were cosplayers dressed like characters from different games, walking around the mall. Hard core gamers were thrilled to see characters from their favorite games come alive at the three-day Phoenix Gaming Expo.

Addition to it, national gaming teams like ROG Titans, Signify, LXG Esports and Silver Gaming came all the way to Chennai to participate in various gaming tournaments to win the country’s biggest prize money.

Signify, gaming team from Mumbai, won a cash prize of INR 7,00,000 for the DOTA 2 tournament and the second prize was bagged by LGX Esports from Bengaluru taking home cash worth INR 2,00,000. Team Silver Gaming and team ROG won a cash prize of INR 50,000 each for qualifying in the finals of DOTA 2 tournament.

It was a tie for the PUBG squad and the cash prize of INR 30,000 was shared between team Ganesha and team Spider Clan, comprising of school kids.

Mr. Sameer Bundela dressed as the character Broll from the World of Warcraft won the cosplay championship along with Surya Babe who was dressed as Kindred, taking home a cash prize of INR 30,000 each. Prathik won the FIFA’18 gaming tournament while Sujay was the runner-up and was awarded a cash prize of INR INR 40,000 and INR 20,000 respectively.

The event also gave gamers an experience on FIFA’19, which was launched internationally on the 28th of September 2018.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Murugan Rajan, Centre Director, Phoenix MarketCity and Palladium, said: ‘The much anticipated September Fest 2018, hosted by Phoenix MarketCity and Palladium, put together the country’s biggest gaming event, ‘PHOENIX GAMING EXPO’ in association with Arknemesis, to distinguish the growing zest for digital gaming.

The Phoenix Gaming Expo (PGX) was conceptualized to recognise the love for gaming in Chennai and thereby throw open a platform where avid gamers & players may get a taste of a gaming done on a national scale. We converted the mall into a vast gaming arena where well-known esports & games such as DOTA, DOTA 2, SONY FIFA, and PUBG; were made available for ardent gamers to get a unforgettable experience of a life time.

September Fest 2018, is a month long festival and extravaganza where each week is dedicated to a particular theme like Animecon & Cosplay, K-beauty Con, Phoenix Gaming Expo and lastly, Asian Cine Experience scheduled for the first week of October.’



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