Ayurvedic Care For Furry Friends


Adopting and taking care of a pet today requires the same attention that one would put in if they had embraced parenthood. We have to take care of everything right from healthcare, foods, and medicines, to grooming and bathing products for your furry friends. While most pet owners do keep the food and medicines in mind, what they tend to overlook is the grooming part. To make things easy for them Petveda, an exclusive brand aims towards pet care, providing pet care products based on various studies of properties of plants, herbs, and natural ingredients, as laid down in the ancient scriptures of Ayurveda formulations, using only certified organic ingredients. Here we are in conversation with the founding duo of Petveda, Kamakshi and Dhruv Kumar as they talk about their venture and their love for pets.

Tell us about your brand Petveda.

Petveda, the name speaks for itself and defines the idea behind the line, which is an amalgamation of pet care and Ayurveda infused goodness. Petveda is a revolution that believes complete healthy protection for those integral members of your family, whose love for you always remain unconditional. It is a certified company that celebrates the positive impact of organic goodness in the range of pet care products. These products are 100% natural, free from sulphates and harsh chemicals, made from essential oils and love for harbouring a positive growing bond with our lovable pets.

Why Petveda and who is the creative brain behind it?

Coming from a family of pet lovers, we realized that there was a major dearth of proper grooming products available in the market for pets. Dhruv Kumar’s (Co-Founder Petveda) father Late Mr. Anil Khanna, saw this as an opportunity to introduce something that could be trusted by millions, owing to its healthy usage and benefits of the product because of the natural ingredients, used therein.

How did the idea come about?

The main reason for developing the line of pet care products was our love and passion for ensuring a long and healthy life for the pets. Basis of our research, we have come across several stories and issues where the owners have used their own shampoos on the pets under the false belief that it’s all the same. But, that’s not true, the pH level of the pet’s skin is much lower as compared to humans. Even baby shampoos are too acidic for a dog’s skin. Hence, there was a need for a better pet care product, exclusively for the pets and their well-being. Having dealt with this problem, the next set of the problem was the usage of products containing harsh chemicals, as it takes less than 26 seconds for chemicals to get absorbed in our body through the pores of the skin and hair. This was something that we faced on a personal level, as we have always had pets at home. Petveda was created to solve day to day issues of our four-legged family members. All Petveda products are pH balanced and use natural preservatives as approved by US & EU standards. We do not use any Parabens or DMDM Hydantoin or any other ingredient that we feel may cause harm to the pet or the environment.

What was the biggest challenge you have faced in the journey?

When we started the brand the challenge was to make people realize & accept the importance of Natural products for pets and also be accepted in the industry with the target price, as manufacturing and selling an honest natural product is not cheap. The other challenge we faced was regarding the packaging available to us, which was very restrictive in comparison to what was available internationally, as Petveda was designed to keep the international market in mind.

What was the reception of your products from your customers?

We were warmly welcomed by pet-lovers because of the natural, herbal and organic goodness infused range of grooming products. Our best seller products are Paw Balm, Tartar Remover Spray, Tear Stain remover and the entire Tick and Flea range.

There is a product called Tear Stain Remover which is quite rare so how do you come up with such unique products for pets?

Coming from a family of pet-lover, we have seen our pets suffer from unsightly tear stains. Petveda’s Tear Stain remover solution was the need of the hour. Petveda Tear Stain Remover, Bleach Free, SLES and Paraben Free with Non-Irritant Formula for Dogs and Cats. It safely and gently removes stain-causing particles from the fur around the pet’s eyes. With regular and consistent use, this product has proven to be highly effective at lightening the most stubborn tear stains, and preventing future stains from occurring, even on white fur.

What are your plans for the future? 

As Petveda was developed keeping the international standards and international market in mind we aim to expand into retail stores worldwide. On the domestic front, we would like to open retail stores as well as grooming salons for Petveda exclusively in the future.



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