Pets Extravaganza at Happy Dog Carnival 2017


A weekend with a carnival, flea market, food trucks and a live musical performance, along with your family and friends sounds fun in itself. The only way you can possibly make the day more perfect is being surrounded by your companions- with wagging tails.

The venue along the road leading to the airport turned into a pet lovers’ paradise where the city’s biggest canine fest, ‘Happy Dog Carnival 2017’ at Embassy Springs was hosted-with dogs of all almost every breed taking part in a fashion show, a 2.5K run with their owners and having a time of their lives.

Besides the 2.5K Run, where the adorable pets along with their owners ran together and the fashion show for dogs and owners, the carnival had several fun-filled activities that included games, photo booths, acoustic live music, food trucks, flea market, cocktail lounge, stalls for dog grooming, training, necessities and accessories among others. There was acoustic music for pets, that wasn’t harsh. Hundreds of people participated and over 100 dogs took part in the run.

Nischal Shailendra who was participating with his dog, Irra, a Siberian Husky, said, “This is our first time in a show like this. Irra is getting along well with other participants and she is a good poser. We go to the Dog’s Park (Cubbon Park) every Sunday.” Another participant, Ananya Srivastava with her dogs, Meesha (Labrador) and Twerky (Indie-stray) said, “Meesha couldn’t run because she’s quite old. We are here just for the stalls and are taking part in the fashion show.”

The proceeds from the ‘event will go to CARE (Charlie Animal Rescue Centre), Jakkur. CARE co-founder Sudha Narayanan said, “We sustain because of generous public donations. This is a great way for us to spread awareness about our centre and raise funds for a good cause. We started four years ago with the purpose of helping stray and abandoned animals, where they could be housed, treated, rehabilitated and re-homed.”The event was organised by Embassy Group.

Reeza Sebastian Karimpanal, Vice President – Residential Marketing & Sales, Embassy Group said, “The idea behind the carnival is to bring families together. We are promoting our project as pet-friendly and this is the best way to do it-by getting families along with their pets under one roof and do fun activities together. We are very pleased about the funds raised being donated to C.A.R.E and Haven Animal Welfare.”



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