Petition for urgent listing of case for postponement of polls rejected by SC


The supreme court refused to entertain the plea of Christuva Nallenna Iyakkam, Chennai for urgent listing of the appeal seeking postponement of the Lok Sabha polls in TamilNadu from April 18th to any other date. The petition will be heard on April 8. The reason for rejection was that the court felt that there was no urgency for hearing the case. The petitioners filed a case in the High Court seeking postponement of polls as April 18th falls on Maundy Thursday which happens to be a holy day for Christians, hence they sought postponement to any other day. They contended that Christians have to follow certain religious practices and they would not be able to cast their vote in a free manner .

Moreover, most of the election booths would be located in Christian schools and it will create a problem to the whole Christian community if prayer and the elections  were to go on simultaneously. Further, many Government employees are  Christians and they would be  employed in election duties. These employees would not be able to attend the mandatory services as they would be engaged in  election duty from early in the morning till late evening. The High Court dismissed the petition. The petitioners have gone  on appeal to  the Supreme Court  The case is posted for hearing on April 8.



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