PERCEIVE – a photo exhibition organized by Decode Art Studio


PERCEIVE – a photo exhibition organized by Decode Art Studio as part of Natya Darshan 2016  

Exhibition will be held at Grand by GRT, Amethyst Café` & Chamier’s Café`from the 10th to 19th December 2016

As a prelude to the December classical Dance season, as part of Natya Darshan 2016, Decode Art Studio organised PERCEIVE, a photo exhibition on traditional dance forms. The pictures give unique perspectives on Indian Classical Dance forms and Dancers. Viewed through the lens of dynamic photographers of repute, it’s an outstanding curation of images. The exhibition is expected to cover a wide audience in and around Chennai to create awareness and to spark an interest in performing arts and photography. The exhibition will feature Works of Masters in photography such as Avinash Pasricha, Karthik Venkatraman, G Venket Rama who will unravel the theme through their interpretation. To inspire the young photographers and get them to take part in the Festival to create a confluence of creative professionals we are introducing the master’s choice gallery where select photos of select photographers will be exhibited. The exhibition will be held till Monday 19th of December 2016.  The Exhibition is held at 3 different venues – Grand by GRT, Amethyst Café` & Chamiers Café`

Date: Saturday 10th December to Monday 19th December

Venue: Grand by GRT, Amethyst Café` & Chamiers Café`

Photographers Exhibiting at PERCEIVE

–          Avinash Pasricha

–          Usha Kris

–          G Venket Ram

–          Karthik Venkatraman

–          Inni Singh

–          Santosh Kumar

–          Sreedhar Vaidya

–          Satyajith Dhananjayan

–          R Prasanna Venkatesh

–          Mitul Kajaria

About Decode Art Studio

Decode – Design Collaboration Delivery is a one of a kind studio service that mergesthe creative arts sans barriers. A conceptual design art studio that uses the power of visual arts across all media to create interesting events and campaigns to energise communities towards technology, graphic arts, visual media and installation. Art for Art’s sake, pure and quirky Decode curates with a twist. In short, they are architects with a lifelong commitment to our obsession for all things creative.

Natya Darshan – The Dance Conference

The NATYA DARSHAN is an annual dance seminar Kartik Fine Arts holds during the December music and dance festival every year. It was an initiative started in 2001 to broaden the discourse around dance in India and beyond. The advisors for Natya Darshan are eminent Gurus Padmashri Sudharani Raghupathy and Padmashri Chitra Visweswaran.

Krithika Subramanian

Krithika Subramanian, convenor Natya Darshan 2016, would like to draw on her training and performance history as a classical dancer, her sense of visual aesthetics and presentations as a designer / architect and her organizational skills as a business person to conduct a conference of high quality.

 Trained in the pure lineage of the Tanjavur Bani of Bharatanatyam under the tutelage of Padmasri Dr. Sudharani Raghupathy since the age of seven, Krithika has performed at prominent venues and festivals, solo and group. She continues to produce and perform the widely acclaimed choreographical works NaMaargam, Sri, Shringaram,  Antaram, Swappnam, Black Box, Jagriti and Treasure of Tanjavur as well as traditional Margam. A renowned architect and designer, Krithika Subramanian , is a reputed entrepreneur heading a group of successful companies Transform, Code, Decode and Sreshta Leisure (Pvt.Ltd), SVATMA, Tanjavur. A restrained yet eclectic pattern of juxtaposed tradition and modernity has emerged as her unique trademark in design and in concert space that has made her one of the most exciting architects and dancers to watch in India.

Kartik Fine Arts 

Kartik Fine Arts established in the year 1975, is an organization devoted to the development of fine arts. It aims to promote nascent talent, showcase brilliant performing artistes and maintain its founding dream of building audiences for its unique programming calendar. Kartik Fine Arts has a membership patronage of more than 1000+ members who are all very well versed with Carnatic Music, Dance and Drama. Kartik Fine Arts stands out for its contribution to the drama, music and Dance from various states.

What makes Natya Darshan 2016 different than the other dance conferences?

Chennai and its Dance – Music Festival season is a veritable cauldron of creative, classical, cultural activity that attracts artists and audiences from all over the World.

Natya Darshan 2016 welcomes everyone to come and witness talks and collaborations by some of the most talented people in the Classical Arts and Dance Community from all over the country. Natya Darshan creates an enriched and elevated platform for discussions on emerging trends in the Dance and Design world.

The aim of the conference this year is to break away from the norm and to elevate performances to New Dimensions by inviting dancers from varied dance backgrounds and to collaborate with each other. The conference has very valuable resource advisors such as Guru Narthaki Natraj and V.R. Devika and it boasts of a wide range of talks and productions:

-The conference focuses on celebrated dancers- Visionaries such as Rukmani Devi Arundale, Chandralekha and Iconic performers such as Vyjayanthimala Bali and Shobana who have been multidimensional in every way.

-Dance productions HOT TALAS COOL RASAS by Mallika Sarabhai (The Darpana Foundation) ; Mahabhata in 8 styles of dance is being presented by Shama Bhate for the first time in Chennai; Dance production HARA by Parshwanath Upadhye’s  Punyah dance Company from Bengaluru; Adviteeyam presented by the sister duo Yamini and Bhavana Reddy from New Delhi.

-Conversations highlighting life works of dance legends and pioneers by ,V.Ramnarayan with Priyadarshini Govind and Jyotsana Narayanan; Sharan Apparao with Sadanand Menon and Tishani Doshi.

– The conference showcases 16 talented, young, up and coming artists in PATHRA PRAVESHAM to share stage space and collaborate with some of the top choreographers and artists in the Indian Classical dance world. The characters portrayed by the young artists aren’t revealed until the end of the programme in an attempt to try and engage the audience with the performance to guess the characters played.

-Reputed fashion designers of the city have been invited to participate in a panel discussion with their design creations to talk about their designs and view on designing Indian Classical Dance costumes and Jewellery and how to adapt them to current fashion trends.


The objective of Natya Darshan 2016 is to enhance the audience’s appreciation of dance as an experience and elevate it in their perception as a vibrant and relevant art form.

Reviving the interaction between dancers and a wider Diaspora will be achieved by exploring topics that are debatable that concern dancers and audiences and ignite minds sensitizing them to other points of view.

Make Dance more approachable and make the classical art form accessible to youth from other backgrounds.

Kindle the interest in dance and dance theatre as a real option for intelligent entertainment. This will be achieved by creating platforms for designers, writers, poets, technicians and students in allied areas will enter the fray in events and feel like stakeholders in the revival of interest.

Retain audience interest for dance, the number of events having the quality of output to achieve parity with other music and other dance forms have to increase. Keep up with the expectation of experiences sought by the younger generation in other types of performance and visual media, dance must re-evaluate from a new perspective.
Involve and enthuse talent, the conference needs to be more communicative and approachable to wider audiences covering age, vocation, gender & artistic inclination. To be re-energised using Social media, intelligent platforms of outreach and there must be instant recall by keeping presentations well edited and succinct. There must be intelligent dialogue between audience and presenter.



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