Pepper House Hosts the Exciting Bombay Zine Fest!


  Zines From Across the Globe Come Together at the Pepper House!

For the first time in Kochi, zines from across the globe will be featured under one roof. Pepper House in Fort Kochi will host the Bombay Zine Fest from January 27th to February 5th 2017 with 60 plus zine makers and 150 plus zines.


“This is the first time this city will get to witness such a range of independent publications. There are zines from england, US., Australia, Spain and more, plus from India. There will be zines about first experiences of periods narrated by many women, about food, from making one thing to some that look at its politics and more, a gender queer skate zine, a patti smith fanzine, a range of collaborative zines with only women writers, one about safdar hasmi, one about bhopal gas tragedy, about savitri bai phule, d.i.y. “how to” guide, lots of graphic format pieces, underground comics, dialogues between couples, a b c of anarchy, something about bhagat singh and cheone about zeroxwallahs, works from children from marginalized communities, zines about street art, one about missed opportunities, street fashion, some very personal zines, one almost revealing the secrets of how to disappear and start living free. Oh there is so much more, and we are super excited !!! Once again to find us, we are ‘bombay underground’ on facebook and instagram!” posted the team on FB.



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