Band: Pathayam

City: Thiruvananthapuram

Genre: Fusion/Folk-Rock

Following in the footsteps of Avial, the biggest musical export in recent times from Kerala’s capital city, Pathayam (translates to’granary’ in Malayalam) is a multi-genre, seven-member project, although sticking primarily to the vernacular and folk elements. In their own words, Pathayam is “a band that has a wide variety in their taste of music, where musicians who deal in starkly different genres come together and try getting down to the roots of their folk tradition with a whole lot of themselves thrown in for good measure!”

PIC CREDIT - MPRtography (2)Most members of Pathayam have been part of other musical projects and groups before, but it was an idea to explore Kerala’s folk roots and re-interpret them for today’s audiences that brought them together to form this group. Interestingly, their music is already quite popular online and on television. “We focus on folk rock. We’re ultimately looking at music festivals, both around the country and abroad,” says Saju Srinivas, the vocalist of the group.

As far as future plans go, the band is working on their first album, which will definitely feature almost all their material that’s been performed live. Own compositions, primarily. Rohit LT, the drummer of the group, and known better among his bandmates as Chikku, shares, “We are planning to release our album in a few months. We’re now working on our own compositions and are done with about 7 tracks.”

PIC CREDIT - MPRtography

“We want to take the life, colours and culture of Kerala to an international audience through our music,” share the members of
Pathayam, reiterating their long-term goals for the band. The almost one-year-old group has garnered its fair share of followers, especially for their track referring to the popular Malayalam fictional character Dingan!



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