Parvathy clarifies that she stands by victims of sexual abuse


The actress apologised to sexual abuse survivors for initially ‘Liking’ Vedan’s post

Parvathy Thiruvoth who has always stood by victims of sexual abuse, issued an apology on her social media handle stating that she continues to stands by the survivors and that it is the right of the survivor to forgive and heal. She clarified that she had initially liked an apology post put up by rapper Vedan on his social media handle stating that he regretted his conduct towards his women friends and partners . But she soon felt that the apology was not a sincere one when the victims revealed that he never reached out to them. Hence the Parvathy removed the ‘like’ and issued an apology, correcting herself.

The statement said,  “I apologise sincerely to the survivors who have so bravely spoken up against the accused singer Vedan. I had liked his apology post with the thought that many men don’t even acknowledge that they were at fault. I know clearly that it is not something to celebrate. I truly believe that it’s of paramount importance that the survivors be respected as they go forth with the case. However, I removed my “like” as soon as I got to know that a few survivors said the apology was not a sincere one.
I stand corrected. Whether to forgive and how to heal is always the right of the survivor and I’ll only always stand by them.
I would like to apologise if you felt let down by me.”



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