Paro and Diona: A Gastronomic Journey through Innovative Indian Cuisine and Artisanal Brews


Paro – The Modern Indian Bar

Paro has Indian modern cuisine that defies stereotypes & flavours come alive. Being centrally located in the pink city – the Jaipur’s heritage property has restored space blends history with contemporary design, offering a captivating ambience and fusion food. Indulge in progressive dishes & handcrafted cocktails infused with premium Indian spices. Join us for a culinary adventure that transcends boundaries. Discover Paro today!

Signature Dish: Mutton Galouti Cannoli

The Mutton Galouti Cannoli is a progression of cannoli which is a Sicilian fried pastry, and famous mutton galouti kebab. Garnished with the aromatic rose petals, and crushed pistachios. Served with mint chutney to please your taste buds, the idea behind this dish was to consume it as a fingerfood/ bite sized kebab that is easy to eat.

Signature Cocktail: Saanjh 

With Blue pes infusion gin being the base, the cocktail consists of saffron and rosemary cordial and tonic. When stirred, the infusion of lime and blue pes immerse and transform the drink into a beautiful pastel purple. With its unique texture, Saajnh translates the feeling of warmth and earthiness through its subtle and elegant flavors, making it the perfect drink for your sundowner. 


The Brewery at Diona – Speaking of the five exquisite beers, Pomona Mango Milkshake Pale Ale has the texture of a milkshake and the taste of mango with a hint of hops and malt, creating a delightful drinking experience for beer and non-beer drinkers alike. Apollo Lager on the other hand is out and out a German beer with notes of citrus and herbs. Titan German Hefeweizen has overwhelming notes of clove and banana and gives you a fruity flavour with an extremely satisfying wheat finish. While Chronos Belgian Wit Beer is a go-to for most wheat drinkers, with literally no bitterness and is all about sweet and spicy notes. Chaos American IPA is Diona’s take on the ever-famous IPA and has soft bitterness, and honey sweetness with aroma and flavours of tropical fruits. Choosing the best one, left everyone in a tight spot.

Signature Dish: Diona’s escape 

With Vodka being the base, the cocktail is infused with fresh Basil, Lime and orange that give subtle hints of the sourness. The idea behind this cocktail is Screwdriver with a twist. It’s simple yet complex in its flavors.

Signature Dish: Wild Mushroom Truffle Bao 

Consisting of sautéed shiitake and button mushrooms, bok choy, dark soy and truffle oil, this dish is the most loved by all visitors at Diona – the largest rooftop bar. With a variety of cuisine ranging from Italian, pan Asian to north India, Diona serves a multitude of great dishes. 



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