Papusza – Rise & Fall of the Great Romani Poet


Experience the untold life story of the famous Romani poet ‘Papusza’ depicting both courage and tragedy, through contemporary Belly Dance. Presented by Nrityakosh, with support of crowd fund, the performance highlights her relentless spirit and quest for freedom to express her in a society that deemed literacy unsuitable for women. Nrityakosh is a performance house and a school of Egyptian Oriental and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance. Since its establishment in 2017, Nrityakosh has curated and produced shows which are socially, culturally and politically relevant, marrying elements from storytelling and Oriental Dance vocabulary.
Nrityakosh is driven by a holistic approach where each style of belly dance is understood and practiced as a body of knowledge. The history, politics, socio-economic conditions, demography and culture of the places where Oriental and Tribal Fusion dance forms were born are all crucial components of this body of knowledge. To inculcate and cultivate this approach, where belly dance is not a collection of steps but a movement language, is the vision behind Nrityakosh.
Debapriya Das, the artistic director of Nrityakosh started her dance career studying Bharatanatyam at tender age of 8. Her Indian Classical dance training has instilled in her a belief that following a structural approach is essential while learning any form of dance vocabulary. During the course of her journey in understanding belly dance, Debapriya realized that while there were many avenues for learning belly dance in India, there was no formal approach to enable towards its pursuit. Her search for a deeper understanding motivated her to travel and study with the pioneers of Egyptian Oriental and Tribal Fusion dance forms and learn the dance language in its true essence. Nrityakosh is the medium through which Debapriya and her team aspires to spread the knowledge gathered from teachers and practitioners of belly dance from all over the world. It seeks to bring this art form to the Indian audience in a manner they can relate to without changing the spirit of the dance form.

When: November 9th (Saturday), 2019, 3.30 PM & 7 PM
Where: Ranga Mandira, Bengaluru.



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