Palam Silks turns into a Seeker..


Palam Silks has always been walking the lane of contemporary weaves. True to their motto, they have walked the talk and adorned the reputation of being the most stylish Kanjeevaram brand from South India. This year is no different. Keeping in par with the times, where the future has become largely unknown and unpredictable, Palam Silks has ventured into an unknown territory, yet again with hope of creating a sensational collection for this season.

Palam Silks has turned into a Seeker as it explores several nooks and corners of the finest design palettes. The collection projects traditional Annam damask, floral Alpana drawings, Mandalas expressing their fierce versatility, metallic filigree motifs inspired from crystal jewellery, Spanish floor art and medieval Victorian ornamental handwork. Unlike taking a grassland with trees paving a way, Palam Silks has explored roads untraveled and found inspiration in world art.

“Seeker has been different, way different than what we set out to achieve. We wanted to create a collection with a foundation of world art. We did not intend to stay rooted in one spot and rather wanted to take wild experiments and invent something that the neo-woman could relate to. We wanted to go with the flow and simply create without any boundaries or follow any conventional norms. We began each day with an empty canvas without any plan or agenda. We wanted to remain fearless through the entire process as we created patterns and designs from scratch. We wanted this collection to largely emulate our renewed vision – taking one day at a time and taking inspiration from everywhere.“ says Jeyasree Ravi, Founder of Palam Silks.

This “Wild & Free” approach is a novel experiment in Kanchipurams, as the designs range from South Asia and touches upon rich cultures across the globe. “Mundanity is unappealing. This collection is for women who wish to see a change in their lives as well – who are willing to stop and rethink. They envision a future that is still taking shape – toying around with raw emotions that are unperturbed by the external noise and dogmas. Even a simple start can turn into something monumental. This collection is a celebration of an ideology that not everything needs to be set within a box, a routine, a fashion trend.” says Jeyasree Ravi.

Palam Silks presents Seeker – a collection, true to its name, flaunts unique Kanjeevarams with designs taking inspiration from rich cultures across the globe. This emboldened vision of surrendering to the artistic flow of a designer is a bold endeavour that has created a stir in the world of South Indian fashion. The collection spotlights Borderless Kanjeevarams and Zari Jacquard silk sarees in dark and pastel shades.

After 15 years of compelling designs, Palam Silks continues to break the notion of silk as conventional bridalwear and makes it more relevant in the fashion industry for all generations. Palam’s silk sarees are more than just the fabric, they are the quintessence of feminine grace and beauty. These timeless sarees have appealed to women of all ages worldwide. Showcased in three centrally located showrooms in Chennai at Anna Nagar, Pondy Bazaar and Oliver Road, the collection is also available on the Palam Silks website and app.

Ranging from Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000.



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