Ottimo launched Paintings by Italian Brand Momenti


“OTTIMO Disegni LLP Launches Exquisite Collection Of Paintings By Italian Brand Momenti”

To adorn the walls of your abode in a livelier and modernized way, Paintings are the ideal choice to do the needful. Adding Paintings to the walls of your spaces like living rooms, bedroom or hallway can add an elegance that is sure to take your home décor to the next level. Painting can infuse a mesmerizing touch of creative and cultural ambiance to blend in colors and artistic imagination to let your spaces brim with a classy look. Keeping this in mind, Ottimo Disgni LLP, the luxurious furniture brand has launched the exquisite and creative collection of Paintings by its Italian brand Momenti at their designer studio Ottimo Disegni LLP at Ghitorn, New Delhi.


The array of multicolored paintings by the Italian brand Momenti, presented by Ottimo comes with the trust of unique and distinctive presentation of modern art. The paintings hold on the refined touches of multicolored hues that blend to highlight the artist’s creative imagination. The collection of paintings showcase the finest art images of the contemporary style that supports both the types like the abstract paintings as well as the colorful geometric designs that can infuse excellent dimensions to make a bold statement of your home décor.


These modular artistic images are made on aluminum panel 3 mm thick or either on alveolar eco-panel 40 mm thick, with manual application of the resin. The visual aesthetics of shape, design, color, form is all an amalgamation of artist’s creative visual imaginative references that are so powerful and dominant as they can stir our emotions and add a greater level of depth to the entire room.


According to Ashok Basoya, Director– Ottimo, Momenti is a world leader’s artistic design laboratory with an aim of customizing furnishings spaces by means of exciting and very charming solutions. It is known to create paintings, furniture, decorative objects, and floor and wall furnishings. Their collections are original and have a strong element of modern designs. Inspiration, fantasy, irony are realized in different pieces of furniture that are painstakingly crafted, incorporating latest couture trends, which makes this brand unique and original. Momenti’s technical and creative office directly interacts with designers, architects and professionals in the field in order to find suitable solutions for environments of any kind and that’s why it is also defined as “Tailors of Italian Design”


The Momenti‘s, creative collection of Paintings available at Ottimo Disegni LLP, are impeccable in presenting an elegant look to your personal spaces. The collection is exclusive and exquisite that merges the contemporary artistically crafted paintings to be infused to your living spaces defining the elite composition of aesthetics to Indian spaces with an Italian touch.

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