Organic Harvest launches revolutionary ORGANIC SERUM MASKS


This Valentine, indulge your loved ones by gifting them a mesmeric organic personal care experience with the revolutionary organic serum masks from Organic Harvest. Organic Harvest, India’s leading organic personal care brand with extensive skincare, hair care, and body care range, has recently rolled out a new product category in its portfolio by introducing one of its kind certified ‘Organic Serum Masks’.

When everyone is rushing to buy flowers and chocolates, you surprise your special someone by giving them the gift of nature and purity. Organic Harvest’s Serum Masks are an ideal gift to pamper your special one. The product has nourishing organic ingredients which penetrate deep into the skin and provide a long-lasting shield of their benefits. Their illuminating ingredients provide instant solutions to everyday beauty evils like acne, wrinkles, dryness, and dullness. These masks can be used by both men and women and are suitable for all skin types and hence, would be the perfect gift.

Organic Harvest through its continuous research and innovation develops products that are disrupting to the industry, leading their way to trending usage of organic personal care products. These certified organic masks are free from harmful chemicals such as sulfates and paraben and are made up of biodegradable cellulose sheets. Hence, they are not only non-hazardous for the skin, but also for the environment. These amazing masks provide gentle and fuss-free care to the face. So this Valentine, get over with the mundane Valentine rituals and shower your love in the trendiest manner.

Certified Organic Serum Masks

The certified organic serum masks by Organic Harvest, come in five different variants – Anti Wrinkle Mask, Skin Brightening Mask, Moisturizing Mask, Shine, and Glow Mask and Anti-Acne Mask. They are suitable for all skin types and for both men and women.

Organic Harvest Face Serum Masks are soaked in liquid formulas that are made to heal the skin. Its nourishing organic ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and provide a long-lasting shield of their benefits. These masks provide an instant solution to all the specific skincare concerns by providing organic nourishment and gentle care. Using these masks is like having an “organic facial at home”, much convenient and less expensive than a spa.

Key Ingredients: Swiss Ice Wine, Wild Rose, Olives, Witch Hazel, Figs, and Gold Dust

Price: Organic Serum Mask – 99/- (Each Variant)

About Organic Harvest:

Organic Harvest is India’s leading personal care brand with an entire range of organic personal care products which speak of nature in its purest form. The brand embraces the organic power of plants and its botanical extracts in abundance combined with organic ingredients. The company was brought into existence in June 2013 to promote the concept of safe skin. Intelligent use of plants grown without pesticides and chemicals initiated the name ‘Organic Harvest’ where products are purely organic.

 Organic Harvest specializes in hair care, body care, and skin care products that are safe and highly effective. To keep the skin miles away from damage, no harsh chemicals are used; instead, the raw materials that are used are certified by Global organizations like EcoCert, OneCert & Nature. The certification is evidence that the raw materials used for manufacturing Organic Harvest products are derived from plants that have been grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

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