Open Restaurants Festival At Jerusalem


With over 100 unique culinary experiences combining food with art, culture, and innovation, thousands of people are expected to enjoy the urban culinary festival “Open Restaurant” that will return to Jerusalem for the fourth year running from 19th to 23rd of November, 2019. The many open kitchens, private tours, food talks, art, and culture bring together the rich fusion of ethnicity that multicultural Jerusalem offers, showcased at some of the city’s most exciting and celebrated restaurants and landmarks.

The festival will span across Jerusalem offering a distinct series of events in some of the city’s top cultural venues. Together with world-renowned chefs, Open Restaurants Jerusalem redefines traditional culinary experiences and challenge the norms of food and cuisine. Some of the highlights from this year’s menu include,

Pasta Siciliana: Antonio “Lello” Favuzzi, Head Chef of London’s Mortimer House Kitchen, is being hosted by Jerusalem’s chef, Moshiko Gamliel, as part of the collaboration with the London Restaurants Festival, and will teach the art of making Sicilian pasta – the authentic way.

The Baker’s Visit: The event will be led by Richard Hart – one of the world’s most prestigious bakers, the former head baker of Tartine Bakery, and the current owner of Hart Bakery, the in-house pastry for the Noma restaurant. Joining Hart will be Ogen Anomarel, who is among Israel’s leading and most respected master bakers, a bread and wheat researcher, and a prominent voice in raising awareness of ancient wheat.

Ezra Kedem hosts: Chef Ezra Kedem invites participants to visit his very own Garden of Eden, a dreamy orchard in the heart of Ein Karem, which he founded 20 years after opening his legendary Arcadia Restaurant. The tour starts with a visit to Studio Arcadia’s vegetable garden, where he will talk about the roots, colors, and fragrances of his fresh ingredients.

Welcoming the Sabbath in Djerba: Chen Koren and photographer Avishag Shaar-Yashuv, back from visiting Djerba, will bring the sensory and culinary experience of far-away here to Jerusalem in a special encounter.

Baking Night: Pastry Chef David Laor will open his magical French baker after hours. Once all the customers have finished their shopping, a baking marathon will begin with three workshops, three varieties of pastries, and lots of soft, puffy delicacies!

EatTech: exhibition is bringing designers, chefs, and food scientists together on one culinary technology evening, where they will present food-tech ventures edible displays that reflect the most innovative trends ingredients in the foods of tomorrow.

Homeward: A culinary-musical event that evokes the flavors and sounds of home. This is a one-time journey in the footsteps of the flavors and sounds from the childhoods of leading Israeli performers. What are the roots of their music? What is its flavor?




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