‘One Girl Shy’ To Set The Bartender On Fire !


This weekend get ready to be entertained by the band One Girl Shy!

Bartender hosts a band that is anything but shy! Don’t let the name deter you one bit because, ‘One Girl Shy’ is an alternative folk rock power house trio that brings you an eclectic series of alternative folk music which is entertaining, energetic, fun and very very engaging! Having released their debut album ‘They are all mad there’ on 17th Feb 2017, it is known for its good mix of classic and presents genres of music with an international aura, that is sure to sent any stage by storm!

One Girl Shy consists of the beat keeper Sudhakar Prabhu, the groove master Kevin Vineeth Kumar, the guitarwaala Akhilesh Kumar and the players Megha Shanker and Varshita Ramesh!Catch them live on May 26th, 2017 at 10pm at the Bartender, Koramangala!



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