Oklahoma woman celebrates 100th birthday by dancing

Sylvia, a woman from Oklahoma, turned 100. She was seen celebrating her birthday by wearing a red suit, completely decked up with a birthday tiara, sash etc.. She was seen dancing and twisting, holding her wallet and appeared to be extremely happy.
The short video was uploaded on the Instagram handle of Beaver County’s Nursing Home and has left netizens awestruck. They responded by commenting and wishing Sylvia a happy birthday. Some netizens commented that she had impressive moves, while others thanked Sylvia for making them smile by sharing her dance moves. One user commented that she just turned 50 and the dance video gave her hope as she was also a dancer. Many Instagram users were seen tagging their friends in the comment section. Sylvia was referred to as the “dancing queen” who taught everyone how to do the twist. All said and done, the video spread a lot of cheer and happiness around.


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