Of swag, style and sass: Sonakshi Sinha


Sonakshi Sinha exudes a certain confidence and charisma that no one else does and comes across as effortlessly gorgeous in all that she does. In Bengaluru to walk the ramp for designers Gauri & Nainika at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2017, the actor who lives life on her own terms, spoke to RITZ Magazine on her feisty, filmy journey a couple of hours before the show over a candid tête-à-tête in her casual jeans and black tee.

Text by Namita Gupta

What movies do we see you in the coming months? Any plans to act in movies down South?

Quite a few. Happy Bhag Jayegi Returns, a rom com directed by Mudassar Aziz. We shot for it in Amritsar and Mumbai and will be going to Bangkok for the next shoot schedule of this film in the beginning of 2018. There’s also Namastey England and Dabangg 3 with Prabhudeva. It will be my fourth film with Prabhudeva. He’s a fabulous director to work with as he gets the massy sensibility bang on and he’s taught me so much, specially the real commercial heroine dance steps. There’s another comedy produced by Vashu Bhagnani and Wizcraft with Diljit Dosanjh and Karan Johar is also a part of it. Vashuji’s film shoot is over but it’s untitled yet and will release soon. I’m quite a funny person by nature so comedy is something that comes naturally and easily to me and to be working with a talented star cast always makes you want to perform better. I keep getting lot of offers from the South Indian industry, especially after Linga with Rajinikanth in Tamil, but my Bollywood projects are keeping me so busy that I’m not able to take them up. I don’t really plan ahead for the future but I like to make my next year better than the previous year.

How do you manage to keep that calm demeanor despite all the hectic schedules and how do you keep yourself motivated at all times?

It is very important to find something that disconnects you from the stress and timelines of your work. I found solace in painting and sketching. I carry my sketch book wherever I go. Sometimes when I come back really tired from a shoot I go into my painting room and it’s like meditation for me. It releases me of all the stress. When a pen comes to my hand it starts moving and I go with the flow. It could be abstracts, forms, mermaids, faces of animals like tigers and wolves and I also do acrylic. Also, earlier when I was working on multiple films at a time, it was quite crazy, but now I’ve made a conscious attempt to do one film at a time. I don’t let them overlap. The profession is such that the life is so fast that one has to make time for oneself. It’s very important to be healthy inside as well. I catch up with my friends and family. I’m also singing and working on next few singles and I do everything that I want to do. The love that I get from my fans keeps me going. I’m very active on my social media where I direct feedback and I do it all personally. I also love to travel and love scuba diving. Maldives is my favourite and I love the beaches there. I haven’t been to Bali yet and would love to go there.

What is your style statement like? Who’s your stylist?

I studied fashion design for three years before I became an actor. My personal style is comfortable smart casuals. If you’re not comfortable you won’t be confident. Mohit Rai is my stylist and he’s helped me in turning around my style. It’s very important to get someone who understands your structure, your likes and dislikes and he always gets it right.

What’s your fitness and beauty regime like?

I usually try and incorporate some time for my fitness training whenever I can, but if I have a busy schedule, then I have to skip it. I do a mix of cardio and yoga and I do like to keep balanced diet throughout the year, but now in the month of December it isn’t easy to diet. Small lifestyle changes really help. I’m quite a workaholic so I’m usually on my toes and that’s also good exercise. I’m just blessed with great genes. I’m fully taking my parents genes for granted and am thankful to them for giving me good skin. I keep myself hydrated at all times.

Who do you feel closer to – your dad (Shatrughan Sinha) or your mom (Poonam)? Also who are your close friends in the industry?

My mom; she’s like my pillar. She’s like my shadow. I share most of my feelings that daughters and mothers share with her. My closest friends are not from the industry and they’ve been with me since school and college. They’re my true friends and have been there for me even before I became an actor and even afterwards nothing changed. I keep coming to Bengaluru as I have some very dear friends here too.   



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