Of Fun and Fitness: Iskimos Kickboxing Academy


For all those who have always marvelled at Ranveer Singh’s washboard abs or Deepika Padukone’s flat tummy and wondered, ‘what would it take for me to get that celebrity-level body?’ Hard work, of course. But that is not nearly enough. Behind those sculpted bodies are trained people who make sure they sweat it out, keep a vigilant eye on their plates and glasses, and motivate them to stay focused. A whole lot of dedication is the key secret to a chiselled body, and of course someone to train you to attain it.
With our day-to-day work life adding enough monotony to our routines, it is only fair to have a form of workout that refreshes you while making you sweat. Dumbbells and machines are not everyone’s cup of tea, especially not after sitting on a desk the whole day.

For all those, who want to get down to becoming fitter but without going to a gym, finally have ample options to choose from – you can now dance away, jump and hop, or just kick your way through.  The city is now home to a lot of off-beat fitness places that break the boring workout myth are slowly and steadily gaining a lot of popularity. In order to make life a lot simpler, we have put together some of them, whose final goal is fitness but in the most fun way possible. Read ahead carefully before you make your pick…

Text: Anahita Ahuja

Iskimos Kickboxing Academy

Story so far: I’m Suresh Patil, a former National Gold Medallist in kickboxing with a black belt in Kung Fu martial arts. Having immersed myself in the field since I was 13, the blended martial arts derived from Muay Thai and Karate has been my zest for life. During my journey I had a bike accident, leaving me injured for life, which led to serious depression. After months of going through that, I decided to channelise it differently and that is how Iskimos Kickboxing Academy started.

Personal attention: They have five trainers with excellent expertise in the art of kickboxing and fitness training. The Personal training sessions happen in a separate dedicated time from the group training so that they can concentrate on both – personal workouts and group trainings.

Its viability: They have more than 150 students and the batches are spread in a way that it makes it accessible for everyone.

Its uniqueness: They dedicate each day of week concentrating on one particular aspect like Agility on Monday, Strength training on Tuesday, followed by technical conditioning, sparing, stamina building and defence during the rest of the week. On average every session burns around 2000 kcal.

Tip to enthusiasts…It is better late than never. The oldest student they have is 60 years old.

Contact: Address: Iskimos Kickboxing Academy, Mahila Mandal Community Hall, Errumanzil Colony, Punjagutta
Ph: +91 98853 46824



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