Obesity To Lead to Brain Shrinkage


It’s a known fact that being Obese leads to many health problems but the latest study reveals that obesity in the stomach area could even have associations with smaller brain size.

Existing research has linked brain shrinkage to memory decline and a higher risk of dementia, but research on whether extra body fat is protective or detrimental to brain size has been inconclusive. Central obesity — or obesity around the stomach area — is a little different. , According to the same report, a man with a waist-to-hip ratio above 0.90 and a woman with one above 0.85 is considered to have central obesity. The team calculated brain size using MRI scans and examined the volumes of both white and gray brain matter. Both of these are important in different ways.

The findings of the study indicated several links between body fat and brain size and it was concluded that people who had both a higher BMI and waist-to-hip ratio had the lowest brain volume. However, there are more studies to be conducted if being centrally obese will have a direct link in determining brain growth



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