Now Sunday breakfast at Windsor Pub Bangalore


The very popular and the first gastropub of Bangalore has introduced breakfast. Served on Sundays, the breakfast has the following options for foodies:

Breakfast 1 (Copy)

ENGLISH BREAKFAST                                                                         2 Fried Eggs, Crispy Bacon, Sautéed mushroom, Baked Beans, Grilled tomato, Toast, Fresh juice & coffee/ tea

FRENCH BREAKFAST                                                            

French Omelette, Chicken sausage, Pork sausage, Crispy bacon, Buttered Croissant, Fresh juice & Coffee/tea.

AMERICAN BREAKFAST                                                 

Scrambled Eggs, Pancake Stack, Chicken sausage, Pork sausage, Crispy Bacon, Hash Browns, Baked beans, Fresh juice & Coffee/tea.

COASTAL BREAKFAST                                                              

Veg : Hoppers served with vegetarian stew, Flavoured Coconut milk, Banana chips, Fresh juice & Coffee/Tea

Non Veg: Hoppers served with chicken stew, flavoured Coconut milk, banana chips, Fresh juice & Coffee/Tea.     Fried Egg Optional


 Veg   :  Veg Accra with Brown bread, Scrambled cottage cheese, Potato wedges, baked beans, Fresh Juice & coffee/tea.

Non Veg:  Chicken Accra, fried dumpling, Cheese omelette, Bacon, Fried Brown potato, baked beans, Fresh juice & Coffee/tea.

Where: Windsor Pub, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore

When: Even Sunday from 8AM to 11 AM






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