Notre-Dame to be restored in 5 years


The Government of France has passed a bill for restoring the Notre Dame within 5 years. The famous Gothic Cathedral sustained major damage due to fire on April 15th  it will be an  unprecedented challenge for  the government which drafted a  special bill for managing the huge project. Images of this ancient  850 year old Gothic Cathedral going up in flames shocked people across the globe as it is considered to be one of the nations most beloved landmarks.

French President Emmanuel Macron set a target of five years for the work to be finished and it should be ready before 2024 as Paris will be hosting the Olympics that year. So far nearly 1 billion euros has been donated for the Notre Dame. Experts believe that the total bill will come to between 600 to 700 million euros. There will  be a public body which will oversee and carry out the the restoration work.



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