No Wall Too High for TAAQ


Thermal and a Quarter, one of Bangalore’s oldest and most well-known bands and Dr Mathew Kurian of Germany collaborated to launch the new album ‘No Wall too High’ at the United Nations Day celebrations in Bonn, Germany on October 23rd 2015

No Wall Too High for TAAQ

No Wall Too High the latest album by TAAQ (Thermal and a Quarter) and Dr Mathew Kurian, commemorates the 25th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. The album has a very deep message about divisions, divisions between lovers, between young and old, between rulers and the ruled, between those that leave and those that stay behind, and divisions outside and within the individual – with the central figure being the Berlin Wall, a symbol of such division, which inevitably, fell in the end.

No Wall Too High for TAAQ1

This is the first collaborative album for TAAQ – and that too, with a scholar at the United Nations University in Dresden, Germany. Dr. Kurian, who contributed much of the lyrical and conceptual ideas for the album, contacted TAAQ earlier this year and things just ‘fell in place’ quite naturally afterward, resulting in the second concept album for the band in the same year (after The Scene in March 2015).

No Wall Too High for TAAQ2



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