No Looking Back – Shivani Gupta


Shivani Gupta author of ‘No Looking Back – a true story’ is the founder of AccessAbility, and one of India’s best-known access consultants. Shivani has spent most of her professional life in working towards improving accessibility of public spaces such as educational institutions, hotels and retail and other commercial spaces in India. She has undertaken research on issues related to accessibility in India and contributed to policies for disabled persons in the country.

For her achievements in the disability sector, and her personal courage, Shivani has received national and international acclaim. She has been honoured with the Helen Keller Award (2008), the CavinKare Ability Mastery Award (2008), the National Role Model Award (2004), the Neerja Bhanot Award (2004), the Red and White Social Bravery Award (1999), and the Sulabh International Woman of the Year Award (1996).

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AccessAbility is a leading Universal Design and Disability Employment Specialist, providing integrated solutions and delivering value by catalysing social change. AccessAbility aims to unlock opportunities for people with disabilities by facilitating accessibility in the built environment, promoting employment opportunities and providing adequate training.

With their motto ’Access = Ability’ Shivani strongly believes that an inclusive environment significantly contributes towards making a better tomorrow for all. Their aim is to provide the corporate world simple end-to-end employment and environmental solutions to ‘access the ability’within the Persons and Disabilities.

Shivani believes that there is nothing more disabling for persons with disabilities than society’s failure to accept and include them as part of the mainstream.



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