No child’s play – Prakash Dantuluri


No child’s play – Prakash Dantuluri

Prakash Dantuluri, film maker and serial entrepreneur from Hyderabad, has created history with his new start up BulBul Apps Library by garnering more than a million views on YouTube and over a quarter million downloads on the app store, in just four months. In conversation with RITZ, the genius innovator speaks in detail about what makes the app a first-of-its-kind

Prakash Dantuluri

BulBul, currently among the top apps in iOS India, is a home grown smart phone and tablet app for children below 6 years old. A free to use app without adverts and in-app purchases is developed by a team led by Prakash Dantuluri, who happens to be the Founder/CEO of the company. Red Herring has picked the BulBul application among the top 100 winners in Asia quite recently. The debut app, currently available on all platforms, is the publisher’s new interactive city discovery series for kids with no advertisements and no in-app purchases.

Prakash, who has a rich experience in building technology platforms, also co-founded Paradigm Creatives, a hugely successful technology services company which currently has more than 200 engineers working for it.

The BulBul library app enables illustrators, writers, musicians, animators to collaborate to create stories for kids for ages 6 and under is a unique platform. Bulbul’s goal is to be the world’s largest kids’ app library with child appealing apps for all regions and languages. It is a platform that brings artists from around the world together to create fun filled apps for children.

Prakash Dantuluri1

For example, a Christian writer from Mumbai, a Spanish artist from Mexico, an Israeli music studio, a Muslim animator and a Hyderabadi voice-over artist collaborated to create Krishna and the Universe, a mobile phone story for children. “Similar interactive stories have been created as part of BulBul Apps, which was started to bring world class local content to kids with the help of global artist community,” elaborates Prakash.

BulBul is a library app and it has eight categories that encompass Baby First, Folktales, Princess Stories, Aesop’s Fables, Indian Mythology, Mowgli and BulBul, Krishna Series and English Rhymes.

The latest addition to Bulbul app library is Tuk-Tuk in Mumbai. It promises a beautiful imaginative journey by TukTuk and Rinku the Taxi, on their adventures to find out famous places in Mumbai. The advertisement free 13 page interactive e-book with graphics, animations, music and narration by a professional voice artist brings Tuk-Tuk characters to life in a modern classic way in English and Hindi Languages.

Prakash Dantuluri2

“BulBul finds a huge potential in this edutainment segment as India boasts of more than 310 million kids who are under the age of eight, with over 100 million of them, greedy for content and eager to lay their hands on a small device in the next few years,” tells Prakash.

“Currently, the app Library is among the top apps in India and Jordon. The app has over 50,000 downloads till date and has a 4.2 star rating on Google Play. Our immediate plans are to grow our user base in Mumbai and launch in new cities across India,” he adds.

Prakash and his team have plans to add more features like vocabulary, puzzles and reasoning and analytical skills to the apps in future.

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