Nithyananda claims that Covid-19 pandemic will end only when he lands in India


Self- styled godman Nithyananda has made a claim in his new video that the Covid-19 pandemic will end only when he lands in India. He was accused of sexual assault and fled India in 2019 and since then has been hiding in Ecuador.

He used to release videos now and then to create a stir on social media. Nithyananda has appealed to the UN to declare ‘Kailasa’ as a separate country. He stated that he has created a website exclusively for Kailasa and even made a shocking announcement that he had opened a Reserve Bank in Kailasa and unveiled new currencies.
A few days ago, when one of his disciples asked him when Covid-19 will leave India, he stated that Goddess Amman has entered his spiritual body and that Covid-19 will leave India only when he sets foot on Indian soil. This video has gone viral on social media and many netizens have begun speculating whether the godman will come to India to destroy the virus.



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