Nikhil Kamath- India’s youngest billionaire


Nikhil Kamath may be only 34 years of age but has earned the distinction of being the youngest billionaire in India. Like many other self-made billionaires, Nikhil dropped out of school at the age of 14. He started experimenting with small businesses and share trading and also pursued his passion of playing chess.

He started playing chess at the age of 5 and competed against professionals. He found that chess sharpened his analytical skills which is very essential to be a successful entrepreneur.
Nikhil is the son of a banker and a music teacher. He started trading in the stock market along with his elder brother Nithin. The duo did well and started to save money to build a strong trading platform.
Nikhil started Zerodha, a trading platform in 2010 which was both pocket friendly and user friendly. The meaning of Zerodha is zero and rodha means obstacles in Sanskrit. The company slowly grew and gained momentum. The pandemic accelerated the growth of the company and Nikhil is now worth $ 1.7 billion. Zerodha has more than 5 million users who account for 15 % of trading in India.



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