Nightmarish experience of Chinese singer and actress


Gao Liu, an upcoming Chinese singer and actress has revealed her nightmarish experience while undergoing a plastic surgery for her nose. She was introduced to the plastic surgeon by a friend and she decided to give her nose a slight trim thinking that it would boost her showbiz career. She decided to go under the knife at the clinic in the southern city of Guangzhou in October 2020.

The procedure lasted four hours and she had dreams of becoming more beautiful. However, these four hours turned to be the beginning of a nightmare. Her nose became repeatedly infected and the skin on the tip of her nose became darker while her nose became necrotic. She had to be hospitalized for 2 months and even got suicidal thoughts. Due to this, she lost around 400,000 yuan in potential income. Due to the extent of the damage to her nose, she will have to wait for at least a year for reconstructive surgery.

Image Courtesy: Weibo/Gao Liu

It has been reported that the clinic where Gao had her surgery was hit with five administrative penalties between March 2020 and October 2020. The reasons behind the penalties are not known. There have also been several complaints about the clinic following Gao’s harrowing experience. Investigations are said to be going on



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