Nigella Lawson craves for ‘Dal Chawal’

Nigella Lawson, a well known chef and cookbook author recently posted on Instagram a picture of the humble ‘Dal Chawal’ and her love for the dish. It is a well known fact that Indian food has global recognition.
Many foreigners visit our country not only to view the Taj Mahal and India’s beautiful architectural structures but also to have a taste of the ever popular Indian cuisine. Foreign dignitaries like US Vice President elect Kamala Harris and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison have openly expressed their fondness for Indian dishes.


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Nigella posted a picture of Dal Chawal being the most popular comfort food in India. It means rice and lentil soup. Her post on Instagram has gone viral and has garnered a number of likes. Hundreds of users posted their comments and agreed with Nigella that Dal Chawal is completely soothing, simple and delicious too. Some foodies even shared their recipes for the dish and paired it with ghee, mint chutney and pickle. This classic Indian dish remains an all time favourite. Some users even commented that just viewing the picture of the dish made them feel warm and cosy. Another user commented  that it is her everyday lunch. All said and done, this humble, simple dish is extremely easy to prepare and is healthy too as it is high in protein.


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