Nicki’s cup of tea
By Juliana Sridhar


Meet Nicki, a 21 year old adult on the autistic spectrum. Nicki dropped out of regular school in Class 10 and has been attending a Vocational training centre since then. Due to the ongoing pandemic when all places had to shut down, Nicki was totally bored  and felt stifled sitting within the four walls of her home. In order to keep her occupied, her mother Rajeswari was on the look out for ideas to unleash Nicki’s creative skills.

Since Nicki loves to paint, they visited some nearby shops once the markets opened up. Rajeswari found that painting and decoupage was Nicki’s cup of tea. Together the mother – daughter duo painted a beautiful flower Tea coaster batch which they circulated among family and friends. It became an instant hit. As Christmas is round the corner, they decided to go ahead with a Christmas collection in addition to the images of Moroccan, wild flowers and Zentangle prints. Nicki has an Instagram page that her sister created for her to showcase her creative work.
They use wood as base, primer, chalk paint, deco magic glue, decorative decoupage paper, crackle medium and varnish to create the coasters. These products are sourced from speciality art shops and Amazon. Rajeshwari says” this is not done for profit but to instill in Nicki the dignity of labour and a sense of responsibility too.”
Rajeswari is an engineering graduate who quit her  high paying job to take care of Nicki. She says”having a child with autism is a tangential journey, which is full hands on and one has to stay strong through the distressing times.”  Though it has been a roller coaster ride for her so far, she is not one to get cowed down by challenges. Nicki lives with her family in Gopalapuram.
The cost of the square coasters are Rs 100 each and the round coasters cost Rs 200 each. You can get them couriered to your address.
To place orders please call Rajeswari at 98411 27687. To check out Nicki’s entire collection do visit her page on Instagram


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