Neeman’s introduces Comfortable Merino-Wool Sneakers


It sure does become difficult to find the most comfortable and odour free footwear in India. People are in practice to excessively use leather shoes. This practice has made them unconsciously used to the sticky socks that keep their feet clumsy. Thus, making it impossible to carry their expensive footwear for long hours. Now you do not have to worry about foot hygiene.

Neeman’s- The first ever Indian brand to introduce Wool Sneakers made of Australian Merino Wool which comes with unique features such as, breathable, odourless and sock-free. The wool used is natural, renewable and contains sustainable fibre in it and suitable for every weather of India.

Neeman’s is breaking the myth that wool has been sought as a product of winter by using Merino Wool which is superfine, eco-friendly & lightweight which keeps feet cool in summer and hot in winter. Products are available at on reasonable prices @INR 8000 and currently available on discounted price 6500.



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