Nebula by Titan turns 20


It was an evening with a sensorial depiction of India through the timepieces as Nebula by Titan celebrated its 20th year at The Leela Palace, Bangalore. The evening also witnessed cultural performances by Stem dance Kampani curated and choreographed by ace dancer Madhu Nataraj, an ode to the beautiful artforms adopted by Nebula.

The event also showcased the brand’s latest collection, Nakashi, an ode to the 300 year old Indian technique of crafting jewellery. This collection brings together intricate Filigree gold wire work and has motifs inspired by the stamping techniques; elaborate Rawa detailing and beautiful antique finishes. After a round of cocktails, the guests feasted on a sit-down menu, curated by Chef Dominic of Leela, with dishes from various regions of India. S. Ravi Kant, CEO, Titan – Watches & Accessories said, “Nebula is India’s first national brand of solid gold watches. These design & craftsmanship of Nebula watches bring to life Indian grandeur, celebrating the art and architecture of India’s resplendent past.”

With the core belief of making time’s physical avatar a one-of-its-kind limited edition, each Nebula timepiece is meticulously set and entwined together to create a priceless masterpiece. The various collections through the years have reflected a striking element in all the watches – whether it is the painstakingly pieced Kundan-Polki from the Nazakat collection or the timeless motifs of the Lotus and divine Yakshinis from the Ajanta-Ellora collection. Nebula by Titan timepieces are bespoke watches available in plain gold as well as with pearls, rubies, and other precious stones.



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